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My Unfortunate Valentine's Day Gift To the World...

I'm insane... so I made these. Probably a lot of people will think they are horrid, but I made them anyway... I'm sure someone who is much more savvy with photoshop than myself could have done better, but... oh well. Please take your pick of these and send them to your friends, relatives, and enemies... if that's the sort of thing you like to do... I tried to make them resemble the little Valentines that children hand out in school. Hopefully they are worthy enough to print out if a person wants to, but unfortunately your printer will probably end up using all of your black ink...

Images taken from the trading cards.

Movie versions.

(And, yes, I know that Klaus remembers everything he reads... But, he's not so super human that he remembers everything. Anyway, the point of the card is to say that the heart always remembers whether or not the mind wants it to remember or forget and so on and so forth...)

Some Olaf "love"...

And a very special loverly! card...

Please let me know if anyone likes these... I expect most people to find them ridiculous and to presume that I am too obsessed and loony to be a normal type of person... but... still.. any comments would be appreciated...

Have a Happy St. Valentine's Day... if you can manage one...

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